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Measurement station

Embilink-A2 is a measurement station built to measure environmental data in fish cages. Embilink-A2 has electronics to collect data from many different sensors from different vendors and communicate either wirelessly, via cable or fiber optic line with a server that stores measurements in a database. Both real-time data and the historical measurements can be presented graphically in computers, mobile phones and tablets.



The enclosure on the fish cage can be delivered as an interior and an outer cabinet. In that way it will prevent penetration of water and moisture on the electronics.

See 3D model

Easy installation and maintenance

The interior enclosure has a simple attachment so it can easily be replaced or upgraded by operating personnel without calling for electricians or automators.

Connection of sensors and power supply is done via quick connectors in the interior enclosure and a simple implementation with lamellar in the outer cabinet, making it easy for operators to replace or connect multiple sensors / equipment.


Options and expansion

Embilink-A2 can be customized and scaled according to your wishes, both when it comes to witch parameters to be monitored and how they are presented / analyzed. Many measurement stations can be connected to the same system and each measurement station has reserved space for future enhancements.

Built-in battery (UPS) and diagnosis

As an option, power supplies in the cabinet can be expanded with an internal battery and charging system. The battery will keep the equipment in the event of a power failure such as switching between power sources and not leading to interruptions or noise on measurements. This system also monitors the power consumption of the equipment in the cabinet and sensors and may alert on anomalies.

Wireless network on fish cage

Embilink-A2 can be built with networking module to provide wireless internet / intranet at each fish cage. That way, wireless sensors, tablets, smartphones, etc have access to a fast network on the fish cage.