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Your key data where you need them

Embilink is a web-based tool for collecting and making available important information that can form the basis for decisions and create value in your business.

In fish farming this can be environmental data from cages, such as oxygen, temperature or salinity. It may also be parameters of technical equipment that is important for work, such as the tank level of a generator or flow of water into a pipe.

On line data: Oxygen, temperature and salinity measurement live from Stokksundet between Bømlo and Stord (see more here)

Some of the information is useful right now, while other may be more useful when there is a larger amount of data that can be analyzed over time.
Monitoring with Embilink gives both live view and ability to return in time and analyze historical data that are important for production. Therefore you can be able to optimize and make better choices in the future.

Oxygen measurement from 10m to 70m depth (see more her)

The information collected is your data. Embilink makes it easy for you to extract what’s important, whether it’s fresh information or data from several years back in time. You can easily create a “dasboard” that fits multiple values ​​and shows them in a single context. If you want to transfer the data to MS Excel, you can arrange this with just a few clicks.

The Embilink concept is developed by Embicon AS located in Bømlo, Hordaland, Norway.